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apple tv launched
Apple's exhibit focuses on digital media revolution comprised of products, including Apple TV, iTunes and iPhone.

first images of apple tv
First Apple TV pictures 1 - The box is connected to a widescreen TV.

apple tv's menu
The screenshots of the TV box. From this picture, we can see that the box supports playing movies, TV shows, music, podcasts, photos.

watch movie on apple tv
It is very cool that enjoy movies using widecreen TV via the TV box. The video quality is near DVD. Great for watching.

appletv's back
The device's back includes USB connector, HDMI cable and component audio/video cables.

You can trasnfer videos, music, photos from up to six computers to Apple box with built-in 802.11 wireless network.

Is it an Apple TV? Absolutely no! It is only the appearance, created with Photoshop, what Apple fans imagined.

More pictures and images will be added soon.

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