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How to convert video and DVD to Apple TV

1) How to put video on Apple TV on Mac, Windows?

Apple TV Video Converter can not only convert almost video file formats including AVI, Xvid, MPEG, MOV, WMV, RM, RMVB, DivX, MPG, ASF, 3GP, VOB to MPEG4, MP4, H.264 (up to 1920*1080, high-definition 1080p) on both Windows and Mac OS X, and put video on Apple TV, but also support audio conversion for the TV box.

1. Download video converter for Mac or Windows, install, and launch the software.

2. Load the media file(s): Add video or audio files you would like to convert by clicking the 'Add' button in the main interface.
Hint: You can play the content in the right preview window.

3. Select the target format: Choose 'Apple TV (MPEG-4)', 'AAC', 'MP3' or 'WAV' as the output format from 'Profile' combo-box.

Hint: * Here, you can also set video quality, audio quality and channels.
* If you'd like to adjust the video size, frame rate, zoom or split, just hit 'Advanced' tab to set it.
* The default 'video size' is 1280x720 (h264).
* The default output folder is 'C:\Temp', you can press 'Browse' to change the destination.
4. Convert video to Apple TV by hitting 'Encode' icon.

5. After conversion is done, you can click 'Open' button to check/play the result files using Quicktime Player. And then pull the converted video files to iTunes library, and sync to Apple box via built-in 802.11 wireless, Ethernet or USB cable.
Hint: If you have no iTunes, just download it here
Download free Quicktime Player:

2) How to put DVD on Apple TV for Windows, Mac OS X?

Want to transfer your DVD collections to the TV box and enjoy them on the bench? DVD to Apple TV Converter is what you need. The software supports ripping DVDs, converting IFo files to MP4, H.264, MP3 playable on the Apple box.

1. Download DVD movie to Apple TV Converter for Windows or Mac. Install and run it.

2. Go to 'File -> Add DVD Folder' menu or directly press the 'DVD' button in the main interface after inserting the DVD video you'd like to convert.
Hint: IFo converter mode: Choose 'Add IFO files' from the 'File' menu.

3. Put the entire DVD on Apple TV: Highlight the title which contains the whole episodes of DVD, such as title01. As usual, the longest title is the main movie file.
Put certain chapters on Apple TV: Highlight a certain chapter(s) you want to rip.

4. Select the output video/audio format ('Apple TV (MPEG-4)', 'MP3', 'AAC' or 'WAV') in 'Profile' combo-box, and set the 'audio' (lauguage) and 'subtitle' on the right panel. If you need to adjust 'sample rate', 'video size' (resolution), 'frame rate', just go to 'Advanced' tab.

5. Press 'Rip' button to begin the conversion process. Then add the result files to iTunes, then sync to Apple TV.

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